The clack-clack of placed  ladders was heard early this morning within the silence, as our crew started harvesting our pears–by hand.  With pear sacks filled, sacks then spilled into brand new soft-sided pear bins, then the bins were forklifted onto the two-trailered truck stacked three-high.  These first-picked will be fresh-packed, off to Costco and others markets!

In contrast to the singing and reverie of early morning pruning in December, this time of harvesting reflects the crew’s fast-paced picking methods, with concentration and speed. The pears are picked green, and they will ripen in bowls soon in many kitchens. Bartlett harvest will last about 2 1/2 weeks.

The crew begins each day at 5 AM and stops at around noon; inside the orchard gets hot and humid.