Foreman and Labor Manager for the orchard’s original development, Carlos has been carrying out the responsibilities of foreman for twenty-six years. The planting of most of the pears, along with planting the acreage of Bronze Beauty Boscs, are testament to his expertise and perfectionism with which he cares for each tree. In around 1910, River-Pear Orchards was called the “Simoni Farm” with Simoni’s Landing and dock on the river; fruits and vegetables were hauled down to San Francisco and up to Sacramento. Carlos continues the professionalism of this history. Managing labor, equipment, and carrying out the rigorous farming practices on the orchard, Carlos has been serving as part of the family and close friend. He, along with his family members, take part in our yearly harvest and close harvest with a fiesta for the workers. Carlos’s expertise is appreciated as we watch each crop’s growing season.