Our Bronze Beauty Bosc Pears are about twenty-three years old, all planted by our foreman, Mr. Cortez, and his team. Although  Bartlett Pears have a lot of culinary uses, the Bronze Beauties are very different and yet they originated also as a European Pear, a cultivar of species communis.

Bronze Beauty Bosc pears differ from most Bosc pears as the fruit is completely encompassed in a russeted coat of bronze hued outer-wear, which flashes into deep pink in places as the pear matures on the tree, staying firm and with a buttery and slightly grainy texture.

The inside flesh is whitish-yellow, has higher soluble solids than Buerre Bosc pears, and can stand up better of most varieties to high heat when poaching and baking in pastry.  Bronze Beauties can be harvested when all Bosc pears are harvested here, which is in middle August in the Delta region of California. Plastic bins are used for protection of these pears. Like the Bartletts, Bronze Beauties are both pruned in the winter and harvested in August to September by hand by a skilled and knowledgeable team of both men and women.

If harvested later, left to ripen further on the trees until late September, these Bronze Beauties will future sweeten, grow to be rather large and maintain their firm texture!   As a harvest-time Fall pear, Bronze Beauties can go to the fresh market, restaurants and for export as a separate classification.



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